Lakshmi Set
Lakshmi Set
Lakshmi Set

Lakshmi Set

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The Lakshmi Set in Corn Silk

Lakshmi is the Goddess of Divine Femininity. She is one of three Goddesses of the Tridevi which includes, Parvati and Saraswati. This set embodies the energy of the Divine Feminine with a Chrysocolla cabochon as the feature stone and 3 agate beads on either side of the choker. The bracelet features 3 agate beads reflecting the patterns of the choker necklace. Each piece is easily adjustable, allowing the choker to be transformed from a choker to a mid-length necklace, the bracelet is also an adjustable size.

-stone of communication expression, empowerment, teaching
-discharge negative energy
-truth and inner wisdom


Size of cabochon: 31mm x 42mm

Circumference: 940mm

Weighht: 22g


Circumference: 260mm

Weight:n: 3g