Gaura Necklace
Gaura Necklace

Gaura Necklace

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Gaura Necklace in Tannum Sands

The Gaura necklace has been name after the butterfly bush that has small pinkish flowers that appear to be swirling, dancing in the breeze on their long stems, above the plant. This necklace features an Australian Pink Opal found in Western Australia, with an amethyst pear shaped bead below and three Rose Quartz beads either side of the necklace. 

Pink Opal

Pink Opal helps to heal emotions, especially subconscious pain. It aids in balancing emotions, and particular attuned to healing the heart. Pink Opal encourages the release of fear, worry and anxiety.

Size of cabochon: 31mm x 35mm

Length of choker: 114mm, 800mm circumference

Weight: 24g