ABout us

Apple Truck Designs' co-owners, Mary Ann and Ricky, are the designers and creators of macrame and wire wrap jewellery and accessories. Together they heve been working to provide beautiful and unique creations that promote crystal healing properties. 

Mary Ann's story...

Mary Ann's journey in the craft of macrame began at the as of 12. Wanting to purchase friendship bracelets, which were on trend in the early 90's, she asked her mum for pocket money to buy some, her mum promptly turned her down. Instead, her motherly wisely bought her the raw materials to make her own friendship bracelets. Mary Ann taught herself through trial and error, how to create the bracelets. 

Fast forward ti 2014, Mary Ann and Ricky were attending markets in Nimbin, a well known alternative town in the northern rivers area of New South Wales, Mary Ann discovered beautifully created macrame handy crafts made by other market stallholders. She admired the work and creativity that the artists imbued in each piece. 

She was determined to learn the craft beyond making pouch/net necklaces. She wanted to learn the craft, to create the intricate pieces she had seen and admired. In the weeks that followed, many hours were spent watching youtube tutorials on various macrame knots, techniques, wrapping stones. 

After numerous tutorials, the switch was flick and Mary Ann realised that the friendship bracelets of the early 90's were the foundations of the macrame she was wanting to create. 

Her craft grew from basic techniques, experimenting with knots, shapes, various ways to wrap crystals, using a variety of crystals, cabochons, palm stones, worry stones, tumbles. 

The variety of jewellery on offer in their stall expanded from pouch/net necklaces to bracelets, intricate necklaces, earrings and rings, encompassing a range of forms from the basic to the statement pieces that can been seen through their store. 

Ricky's story...

Ricky has translated his metal working skills that he has gained from working in a variety of metal work industries as well as managing a slot car centre, where he created, maintained and fixed a variety of slot cars. Using his knowledge to manipulate metal, Ricky was able to begin crafting simple wire wrap pendants. 

The designs began with single wires, crudely wrapped around to encase each crystal. His design skills came about from exploring weaving, plaiting, and the need to add intricate detail to his work. 

Ricky is inspired by the work he has seen on social media platforms, as well the exploring the Nordic and Viking styles that has been portrayed on various movies and T.V. show, especially VIKINGS. 

The need to push his craft to be more creative, intricate and versatile has seen him exploring new avenues of metal work. Ricky is currently researching and exploring working with raw metals to create the popular oxidised look of the mechanical wire wrap jewellery. He will also be participating in silversmith workshops to upskill and take his current work to another level, and opening up new avenue to capture the beauty of the crystals and gemstones.