The story so far...

This store has been a long time in the making. I (Mary Ann) have personally handled all aspects of the business, from design and creation, through input or hands on, of our jewellery, to the themes, colours, overall presentation of our store and product packaging. We still have so much to learn, but the journey so far has been of fun, learning new skills that my brain wasn't initially accepting, to discovering how much of a mental block my anxiety can cause me. 

It has not only been my anxiety, but also physical blocks, broken laptops, lighting of products during photos and plain old physical exhaustion. It's been arduous, but with every milestone I reach, every mountain I conquer, I shed a tear from the exhaustive hours I had worked on whatever problem I came across. 

Of course Ricky has been helpful, calming my mind making sure I step away from the project when it all became too much, I reached out to a friend who I have come to rely on for help and feedback. Caroline has been my go to when it comes to guidance on how to describe products, what are the necessities for opening up the store and if the quality of the product photos are good enough to use. 

Now it's come to the week of opening. We still haven't got a firm time and date, but I know it will be soon. There are just a few pages that are blank, but I'm getting to them I'm excited to hear peoples reactions of how the store looks.