Let's talk content!

Creating and feeding the monster. 

I'm not sure if everyone feels this way about running a social media empire (jokes, this more like a small, dysfunctional village), but I'm feeling burnt out, overwhelmed, but mostly at a loss. There seems to an unending amount of content that needs to be planned for, shot, and curated.

We recently spent a day scouting and setting up for some promotional photos. We did everything ourselves, photography, set dressing and all. Not glamorous, not professional quality. We were surrounded by nature, we were on top of a mountain, we had a beautiful sunny day and I wanted that vibe to be felt through the static images. I'm not sure if this was conveyed but I did feel satisfied that we had created enough content for a few workshops and some social media posts. 

Hindsight is a brilliant thing to feed your anxiety. After packing up, picking up some colourful dried leaves, we headed home feeling satisfied with all the work we had invested our mornings worth of time. Like I said, hindsight is great for anxiety, as we drove home, I left reviewing the images, first mistake, till we had settled back home, and unpacked everything. 

Looking back through my phones photos, the only camera we had with us as it's convenient and portable, I realised that we only had a handful of images, that we shot several times. Hindsight- shoot more variety to ensure that you are able to create more than one campaign on your socials. 

There were a few photos like the one above that were trial and error. Experimenting and trialing looks with our jewellery, what works with each piece, what angles. How do we make it look effortless without having it translate as haphazard. 

It all ends up as a delicate balancing act. 

We ended up with about 10 useable images, with slight variations for each one. I have so much more to learn about this whole process. I feel I'm close to exhausting the photos we took, so more needs to be created. More uploads need to happen more often. 

This is only half the challenge. 

Now to create more images, to create more jewellery, to promote our workshops, to promote our website and jewellery. I feel like I need to feed this machine that endlessly consumes everything I have created, but I receive very little thanks or gratitude for what I have made. 

I feel the social media burn out happens to me on the daily. Luckily I feel refreshed after a good nights sleep. but one week, i'm going to put myself on a self imposed social media exile, but to give my brain a break and hopefully refill my creative tank.