First week ups and downs.

So the first week if our online store life was full of ups and downs, thankfully though, not too many downs. We launched on Tuesday evening, no fan fare, no announcements, I just needed to set my baby free. I was riddled with anxiety for the whole night. My anxiety brain couldn't stop thinking of all that could go wrong. I'm there trying desperately to rationalise this sense of foreboding and couldn't stop my head from thinking the world was ending. Hashtag- anxiety life .

The first 24 hours of the website going live, nothing much happened, friends and family went to check out the site, commented on how good it looked and we kindly accepted their compliments, but no sales. 

Since then we've had 2 sales, one local and one from Canada, which is quite exciting, as mentally I'm counting that as a trip overseas for my heart, where my physical body can't go at the moment. Ricky and I were over the moon and so full of pride that people from other countries are viewing and now purchasing our hand made goodies. 

There's such a learning curve with online sales, through this format. You need to keep it all fresh, alive, attention getting and current to the beat of what's needed out in the greater world. I haven't quite ventured into the whole marketing thing. I like to research everything when it comes to work related things. I'll be researching that this week, it was supposed to be this weekend but we decided organising the shipping of our first overseas order was far more important; and plus, Ricky is incredibly distracting when he's home. 

That's something I'm tasking myself with marketing, YIKES.

Yesterday I had uploaded more than twenty pieces to the store, more of Ricky's wire wrap pendants and some black corded macrame key rings.Key Ring BlingThe need for me to use all of the off cuts from the jewellery I create lends itself to the creation of new products. In this instant I decided that key rings would be a fun way to carry around your crystals, add a bit of bling to the outfit via handbag, purse, which I'm creating for myself at the moment. I love the sound of bells and cowrie shells clinking together. I've added bells and shells to the next batch of key rings.


The plan is to release new stock in the store each week, with jewellery on Sundays, and hoping for mid-week release of new crystals, so keep an eye out for some spectacular pieces of malachite to hit the store. 

We have also been considering when we should offer sales, what discount types we need to offer, free shipping for our Aussie customers. There's so much on the table for us to set in place. So many pieces also need creating.

Until next week peeps. Hope you enjoy our little update.