Beyond borders

On Saturday we held our first workshop as part of a women's retreat. What an incredible spot for the retreat. It was held on the banks of Lake Moogerah, with the dry weather, lack of rain, the expanse appeared to extend all the way to the mountain ranges. Had there been water in the Lake area, the settling would have been even more magical. Nevertheless, the energy of the area was calming and provided the perfect setting for the workshop. 

The night before though was the complete opposite to the day of. My anxiety decided to pay a visit, my mind went into overdrive and thought that bombarding me with excessive worry over things that were already sorted or weren't even a thing to worry about. 

After a good nights sleep, a long shower and a scenic drive to Lake Moogerah, my fears and worries abated. I was still nervous facilitating the workshop as I didn't fancy myself as a good instructor, story teller yes, but someone who can eloquently explain what I am creating. 

I'd love to say I was confident during the workshop, but I felt like I was making things up as I went along. I tried to keep the workshop as high energy as possible to keep the flow of the workshop. I'm thankful for having created a power point presentation that we had luckily, printed out extra copies. This kept me on track and ensured that we were able to finish one necklace. 

I have learnt some do's and don'ts from this workshop. 


*have a workshop plan with you

*keep your energy high 


*interject dullness with humorous anecdotes 

*give attention to each of the participants

*keep to the time frame 


*over think 

*let anxiety ruin the workshop

*think that everyone is working at the same pace, everyone is different

*be too rigid with techniques you use in creating 

We've now booked 2 more dates for running our own local workshop for both macrame  and wire wrap  both happening on Halloween. This will be our first independent workshop, nervous yes, but not so much about running the workshop, but more nervous about having people attend. It's quite nerve wracking booking a venue without knowing a guarantee of participants. Ricky is worried about not having people wanting to attend his workshop, I'm worried about how it'd effect his confidence. 

Our insecurities about accepting our own bookings have started to set in. We started an ad campaign that will run for the next two weeks. We're hoping this creates enough traction, interest to fill the workshop seatings. 

Anywho, there's so much work that needs to happen before the 31st and so many more pieces that still need to be created in the meantime. 

Until next time.