A week of experimentation.

It's a little late this week, but I've been in the zone with making macrame necklaces. A few macrame chokers, creating a new range, using some new cabochon, and a quite a few longer amethyst necklaces.

Ricky has also been quite busy learning to use tarnishing techniques for his raw copper wire pieces. These pieces involved research and checking of cabochon stocks that he's able to use. 

He has experimented with timing of each piece he dipped in the tarnish solution. Some needing more time, others less, depending on the colour and type of crystal he has used in the pendant. It's been a learning curve with some amazing results. 

The Vera Cruz Amethyst points parcel varied in size. Our micro-pendants have been quite popular with only one pendant left in our store. Ricky has created Vera Cruz micros to add to this range. The variety of point sizes has meant Ricky has been able to create 8 new micros to add to our store. 

The tarnished copper wire allows the amethyst points to feature in the pendants. The size is not a hindrance, some points are as small as 8mm. They're quite cute, simple and perfect for people who want petite piece to carry them through the day.

As for my pieces, I utilised the elestial amethyst cluster we received a few weeks ago, in my Elestial necklace collection. Trying to capture the clusters within then wrap wasn't easy, the effort was well worth it. The result creating some beautiful longer necklaces feature in chocolate macrame cord.

Our chokers were also popular with our wholesale client. I needed to create some new chokers, but wanted them to have a theme, some drama. The Modern Gothic collection will be release on the weekend. These are macrame chokers with adjustable lengths, each piece features a beautifully set crystal that is capture and surround with uniquely design necklace. I cannot wait to release them on the website.

My post is short this week as I'm very much down the rabbit hole with my creations.