30 drops in 30 days

I've come to the end of 30 drops in 30 days. 

There has been a few lessons learnt in this time. 

Firstly: spell check and check your pricing. I've found spelling errors, missing prices have played havoc with my anxiety as it's cause me to panic and stay up till the early morning hours. I couldn't settle my mind to rest. I constantly kept thinking there was something else I forgot to do or add.

Secondly: discount codes. They're important!

Thirdly: Ask for help. I've never been one to truly need or ask for help when it comes to the important things. However, this process has meant exploring a whole new world that I had been avoiding for years. If I hadn't asked for help, asked questions I would not have been able to finish the website. 

Fourthly: You're going to make mistakes. Mistakes are part of the process and somewhat inevitable, whether it's a spelling mistake, leaving out prices, forget whole pages and leaving them blank, forgetting to upload new stock or forgetting your precious notebook with all the information. 

Lastly: You gotta stay fresh. You need to stay fresh, whether its new products/ stock, a blog post, social media post, new discount codes. It needs to be cycled through daily, weekly, monthly. 

There are so many more lessons to learn. It's all part of the journey I guess.